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 Nortem Plug in Panel is a one component that carries with it a unique playfulness to the use of Cladding in the Architectural World.  Nortem’s panel is an easy and simple approach to modern and contemporary inside and outside cladding.

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By: Jason Crawford  | June 9, 2016

 Nortem cladding panels, can be an ideal means of adding long lasting beauty both indoors and out. Like any modification to a building, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, choosing the best is vital to the overall end results. The most sought after in the industry are a far cry from the vinyl siding so popular among residential homes, and can be purchased with warranties ranging from fifteen to forty years, depending on the product chosen. Learning a little more about what makes cladding panels fabricated by the most reputable firm a cut above the rest will make it clear why they’ve been growing in popularity in recent years.


 Purchasing wall cladding materials should be treated as an investment. After all, you’re taking the time to add long lasting beauty to your space. While some simply opt for the cheapest available materials, it pays off to invest in an option made by a company that truly believes in their processes and products.


 Nortem cladding panels are an excellent way to update an older space and the perfect way to finish a new project. With an outstanding selection of products ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, there’s a product for any taste. Be sure to go with an experienced manufacturer with a reputation for great build quality backed by the finest warranty in the industry to ensure a long lasting finish with stunning good looks.


 Aluminum Composite Material


 High quality ACM cladding panels from the most innovative manufacturer are vastly different and far superior to other wall cladding materials. The panels themselves are made from aluminum coils coated with non-toxic paint. Other cladding materials have various coatings that can peel or delaminate, but when the best in the business is chosen, you’ll end up with a product with looks outdone only by its longevity. To add peace of mind, one company keeps the environment in mind while creating products. By utilizing a cladding systems made only from one-hundred percent recyclable materials, you can rest assured that your project won’t have a negative impact on the world, or future generations.




 Installing cladding panels is fast and easy when the right product is chosen. An aluminum profile mounting system spaced according to the panel size acts as a guide to keep work aligned properly. It’s recommended that installers start at the top, ensuring that the first panel is perfectly level, and then working down. The panels connect easily through a tongue and grove system that prevents the panels from moving up or down, while the mounting system prevents movement side to side. Specially made corner pieces and window casings make the process as simple as possible.


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